Printable monthly calendar template for Excel

The file you can download here is a monthly calendar generator for Excel. With this tool, you can create monthly calendars for each year (e.g. 2017 calendar or 2018 monthly calendar, …) or for a period of your choice (for example, a school calendar from September 2017 to June 2018).

No more searching on the internet for a different calendar every year! With this generator, you are free to choose the year or period used.

Another highlight: this Excel tool manages (and generates) the holidays fully automatically. Not only fixed public / national / bank holidays (New Year, Christmas etc.) but also the floating ones (Easter, Thanksgiving, …).

Currently, it is possible to create a monthly calendar with the holidays of United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, France, Belgium and Switzerland. You can also manually add other public holidays (regional holidays or holidays for other countries).

And that's not all! Unlike the ready-made calendars that you can find here and there on the Internet, our calendars generator allows you to create a fully customizable and printable monthly calendar (as Excel or PDF file)…

According to your geographical location (or your habits), you can choose between two generators:

  • one with weeks starting on Monday (typically Europe, Asia & Africa)
  • one with weeks starting on Sunday (typically North America)

Download calendar generator for
Weeks starting on Monday

Download calendar generator for
Weeks starting on Sunday

Monthly Calendar US 2018 January (Monday)Monthly Calendar US 2018 January (Sunday)
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Monthly calendar 100% according to your needs

The final monthly calendar can take the following forms:

  • You can export the calendar as an Excel file and use it as an Excel editable schedule on your computer
  • You can export the calendar to PDF file (one month per page)
  • Automated "one-click" print of your monthly calendar on your printer (one month per page)
Monthly Calendar Template Generator: User Interface
Overview of the "Excel Monthly Calender Builder" Main Screen

Monthly Calendar Template Generator: Output Excel

Overview of the Excel sheet containing one month

Features and Use of the Monthly Calendar

Here is the overview of the main features of the monthly calendar you can create with our tool…

Choice of the Monthly Calendar Period

This Excel calendars generator allows you to create calendars for a whole year or a period of your choice between 1901 and 2100. You can choose between:

  • A monthly calendar for 'A full year' starting in January and ending in December of the year of your choice.
  • A monthly calendar for a 'Custom Period' that begins and ends with the month of your choice. The start year may be different from the year of the end. The period of your choice can last up to 24 months…

Choice of the Monthly Calendar Public Holidays

You can choose the country for which you want to use the holidays. *

  • Alist that covers holidays of the calendar period will then be created by the tool. At the end of this list you can manually add other holidays (e.g. the regional holidays).
  • If your country is not available in the list (United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, France, Belgium and Switzerland), you can insert the holiday dates manually.
  • If you do not wish to specify (and show) holidays on your calendar, it is also possible.

Choose the colors and formats of your Excel Monthly Calendar

  • Choice of colors: you can choose the different colors for the background, the days of the week, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays
  • Choice of date formats
  • Choice if the holiday name should be displayed in the calendar
  • For the calendar exported to Excel file:  Month distribution – you can have all the months on one single sheet or choose a monthly Excel calendar with each month on a separate sheet… The Excel file is, naturally, fully editable.

The "Helps" inside the tool

  • The creation of the monthly calendar (Excel and PDF) is quite simple and everything happens on one single screen. At each location that requires user input you will still find a help button.


Download calendar generator for
Weeks starting on Monday

Download calendar generator for
Weeks starting on Sunday

Downloaded: 344 x
File size: 257,5 KB
Downloaded: 396 x
File size: 280,8 KB


Additional previews of the monthly calendar templates (in Excel & PDF) generated by this tool

Printable Monthly Calendar template no colors Editable Monthly Calendar template: Excel Printable Monthly Calendar template Template monthly calendar 2018 Monthly Calendar Ireland March 2018



Monthly Calendar 2018/2019 (example)

To create an editable Excel monthly calendar or a printable PDF monthly calendar for the period January 2018 to December 2019 with United States public holidays, the setup screen should be filled in as follows:

Printable monthly calendar template: USA 2018-2019


Obviously, you are free to choose the country for public holidays as well as the colors and the formats of your calendar.

Satisfied with your calendar?

This tool is completely for free. You can use it as much as you want. And if you are satisfied with the calendar(s) it generates for you, you can consider to "offer a drink" to the author 😉 .

* To find out more about public holidays: Detail of public holidays by country

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